Weekly News & OBP Perspective

March 31, 2011

This week’s OBP Perspective is provided by Mike Sullivan:

Every week we make our best effort to provide some insightful commentary about the commercial real estate market.  We certainly hope you find it to be interesting, perhaps even a bit insightful.  And as we continue to find pertinent articles to share, we will continue to attempt to impart our “wisdom” on the market.  But today allows us the opportunity to pause a bit and reflect on something a bit different but no less important to many of us. 

Opening Day.  To most it is synonymous with a renewed sense of optimism.   The weather seems a bit warmer and for one day at least, fans across the country share the “this could be the year” sentiment.   Even the insufferable Cubs’ fans can’t help but dream of a World Series title.  It conjures thoughts of simpler times.  It reminds us of the fast-approaching summer evenings spent with kids at the ballpark as they sit with wide-eyed innocence dreaming of someday playing on the very same field as of their favorite players.  And for one day, time seems to slow down a bit.  Opening Day.  It is a day where most honestly believe that things can only get better.  Here’s to a magical season for your team.  And here’s to the commercial real estate market only getting better!


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