Weekly Newsletter & OBP Perspective

This week’s OBP Perspective is provided by Tom Powers:

Down in Augusta, the azaleas are blooming just in time and the hopes and dreams of making that incredible putt on Sunday as the sun is setting over the 18 green to win the tournament is still a possibility for a number of players.  Meanwhile, for those of us that have not checked are cell phones at the gate, there is still work to be done as the investment markets continue to move forward at breathtaking speeds.   More capital, more product and more people getting back into the ‘groove’ of pre 2008 transaction traction.  It is a welcome site and based on what we are seeing it should be a very busy summer no matter if you are a  buyer or a seller.

Just like the golfer heading for the second round and still thinking he has a chance,  optimism is in the air and it feels pretty good.

In hopes of another Jack Nicklaus type charge by someone this Sunday afternoon……


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