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April 28, 2011

This week Mike Sullivan asked Amy Schenk to provide commentary on a couple top business apps for the IPAD that can make your life easier.

“New apps appear daily, professing to be your new best friend and promising to simplify and organize your life. Always referring to the balance between home life and work, they reel you in to take a look.  After a few dollars to the App Store and several minutes of wasted time, users quickly realize the new app is not what it promised to be.  About 26% of all apps are only opened once after they are downloaded. To help you avoid this frustration, we are happy to recommend a couple of our favorite apps we use daily that do exactly what they promise.” 

Two apps everyone with an IPAD should find useful are Evernote and PDF Expert.  

Evernote is a note taking app on steroids that also has a desktop interface so it’s easily accessible and syncs automatically between your phone, computer and IPAD/IPOD. Even if you don’t have time to go back and look at the notes, your assistant can. It’s a great tool to capture, organize and share everything you think of or see. Read this article here that demonstrates how one business owner utilizes this app to make her life easier or read more about its infinite uses from Evernote here.

PDF Expert allows you to fill, sign and annotate on the go. For those professionals that are always away from their PC but need to review documents, provide feedback and/or sign documents on the go, this app is what you need. Almost any document can be PDF’d and sent to your IPAD.  Once you open the document with this app, you can easily sign it, write notes directly onto the document and even draw on it.  When you are finished and need to send it back to the originator, you simply click the email button. Not only does it email the PDF with your edits on each page, it also creates a unique outline of all of the changes you made, page by page in the body of the email. It is a great way to keep track of all of your changes without having to keep a copy of the PDF open at all times. It’s helpful to the receiver as well so they can quickly see the changes summarized.  To read more about this app, click here.


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