Weekly News & OBP Perspective

July 28, 2011

This week’s OBP Perspective is provided by Tom Powers:

For those of us in the business, we have been inundated with information regarding the debt crisis.  Whether  you are left or right leaning, we still have a big problem on our hands as a country if 1) the debt ceiling is not raised (so we can pay our bills that we already have), and 2) if the deficit and budget cannot  be reined in.  Since most everything economic rests on the outcome of August 2 (or whatever day shortly after that when the sh&$%t hits the fan) we have not found a lot of relevant articles in the last few days that were not related to the debt ceiling issue, and we figured you were all tired of hearing about what might, certainly will, could, possibly will, won’t or absolutely will happen or won’t happen depending on what our trusted elected officials choose to do on Eight Two.  Therefore we are not posting articles this week.

We keep our fingers crossed, keep our heads down and keep working hard in what is turning out to be a very busy year in the investment real estate business and just hope when they flip the coin on August 2 it comes up heads.


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