Weekly News & OBP Perspective

August 4, 2011

This week’s OBP Perspective is provided by Jeff Bender:

How will we know? Aren’t things changing?  I can’t find a pattern?  What’s going to happen if?  When should we say “go”?

The article here entitled “How Do The Best Investors Manage Portfolios in Challenging Times?” along with discussions I’ve had recently with other real estate investors generated many of the questions like these.  They started me thinking that over my 22 years in this industry I’ve never awakened and said to myself, “Jeff, the economy is so stable today and you know exactly how it’s going to be and react for the next ten years”.  Replace “next ten years” with “next quarter” and the result is the same, it’s unpredictable.  Uncertainty is the only thing that we really know about tomorrow. 

Our roles as service providers to commercial real estate investors is to help them assess the state of today’s market while doing our best to predict the future.  Our ability to do so is how we help our clients achieve the upside while protecting the downside as much as possible.  None of us, including “The Best Investors”, can predict the future.  But with hard work, real diligence, optimal in-depth analysis and thorough assessment with the best people, we will all go to work tomorrow and do the best we can-among all the uncertainty.


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