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This week’s perspective is provide by Jim O’Connell: Jim O'Connell

Happy New Year!

How many times have you already spoken or heard that greeting this week?  Well, the good news is that the obligatory greeting period is almost over and you can get back to your usual “hey” or “what’s up”.  But the great news I see for 2012 is that many of the early tell tale signs are pointing to just that, a happy new year, at least for us in the commercial real estate business.  Especially when compared to what most of us have been through the last few years.  Here are a few of the positive indications I believe point to a prosperous new year: 

  • There will be more overall transaction volume based on 2011 carry over and everyone’s desire for transaction activity
  • Buyers seem to be willing to reach a little further to get transactions under control
  • Sellers are saying they are willing to do what it takes to bridge the gap to reach an agreement
  • And lenders appear to have more motivation to lend funds under reasonable conditions

So here is my sincere wish to you for a happy new year and a great 2012 for us all!


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