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This week’s perspective is provided by Jim O’Connell:  Jim O'Connell

Happy Birthday Cassidy Turley

Two years old!  That’s what Cassidy Turley turned recently and I have to say it is the most mature two year old I’ve ever seen!  Although we’re not shaving yet (metaphorically speaking) we are well on our way through the growing stages of brokerage life.

So what brings on this thought process?  I saw the story in yesterday’s WSJ about how Cantor Fitzgerald was working their way into the commercial real estate brokerage business through a number of different avenues including the acquisition of Grubb & Ellis.  It examines several issues the commercial real estate brokerage business has had to deal with including broker retention, consolidation and nationalization.

Well I’m happy to report that in the two years since our reformation we have very successfully navigated our way through one of the most difficult market times in memory, and continue to make very positive progress in every one of our service lines.  In fact, 2012 is on track to be by all measures a very successful year for us both financially and in client service growth.  Thanks to all of you who have discovered and utilized our level of service.  We look forward to delivering that high level of service to many more of you in the years to come.


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