Weekly News & Capital Markets Perspective

This week’s perspective is provided by Jim O’Connell:  Jim O'Connell


I saw a written piece the other day that used the term “Green Shoots” in it and it brought back some memories, most of them not all that good.  It seems like only a few weeks ago when that term was in common use and most of us were looking for any signs that would foretell a coming positive momentum.

Well I’m happy to report that as far as our team is concerned, we are well into our green shoots season and those shoots are turning into a full-fledged blossom of sale activity.  Sellers, be they lenders, owners or advisors who are looking to accomplish a sale, are doing their part to make transactions happen.  Buyers are mostly aware of the need to bring a reasonable amount of equity to the table when they are looking to purchase.  And lenders now seem to be willing to underwrite transactions with a sense of today’s market bench marks that allow buyers to place a reasonable debt package in place to acquire their targeted assets.

So as we head into the heart of the spring season we can tell you that in terms of sale activity the “green shoots” of positive progress are in full bloom.


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