Weekly News & Capital Markets Perspective

This week’s Capital Market commentary is provided by Tom Powers:

Who would have thought:

  • Facebook stock would be where it is a few days after going public
  • The Orioles and Tribe are in first place
  • 10-year treasuries are floating around 175 bps
  • Cap rates are sub 5 in a few industrial markets
  • We were able to close on a CBD class A office building in Dayton, Ohio and a suburban class A office building in Cincinnati in the past week  – not a chance that would have happened in two cities nowhere near the coasts twelve months ago
  • JPMorgan could loose so much money in such a short time

Just goes to show that it’s a crazy world out there and none of us have it all figured out no matter how smart we think we are. I am guessing the buyers of those buildings in Dayton and Cincinnati are going to do very well by not following the herd.  Only time will tell.


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