Fellows Middle Market Indicator In The News 1Q 2012 Indicator

Examining the Economic Health and Outlook of Middle Market Businesses

The U.S. middle market is the leading indicator of America’s future competitiveness. Consisting of approximately 195,000 U.S. firms with revenues between $10MM and $1B, these companies consist of stable, resilient businesses that account for the largest source of sustainable domestic jobs, 1/3 of the country’s total GDP and, if looked at as an individual market segment, the world’s 4th largest global economy.

Once a quarter, The Middle Market Indicator is released to provide insight on performance and business outlook within middle market firms. This survey tracks and reports on the pulse of middle market executives in areas relating to:

  • Company gross revenues performance
  • Overall company performance
  • Company employment changes
  • Expected 12-month gross revenue growth
  • Confidence in the global economy, U.S. economy and local economy
  • Areas where businesses are most highly challenged
  • Where companies would allocate incremental dollars for investment
  • Perceptions around access to capital
  • Perceptions around the regulatory environment

As the only source providing this level of historic and forward thinking insight within the middle market, this research is imperative to identifying the drivers and barriers of middle market growth allowing professionals to continue to support their contributions to the economy.

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