Weekly News & Capital Markets Perspective

This weeks perspective is provided by  Mike Sullivan:

I recently checked to see when I wrote my first post for our blog.  It’s difficult to believe but it has been nearly two years to the day.  During that time my partners and I have done our best to share insights into the commercial investment real estate market based on our experience and our knowledge.  Hopefully you have found our posts worthwhile to one degree or another.  We don’t profess to be the most intelligent people you’ll ever meet but we do feel we have some valuable knowledge to share.  We will do our best to continue.  

Allow me to reflect on something a bit different than real estate for this post.  As I mentioned, I was surprised to learn it has been two years since my initial post.  Time is passing by at seemingly warp speed.  As my partners and other colleagues are busy over the next few days dropping off their children at various colleges, I can’t help but think they feel the same way.  Time is precious.  We often say in our business that our time and our reputation is all we have.  But for those blessed to have children, time is even more precious.  I ran into a competitor of mine in the parking garage yesterday.  He has a young child and another one on the way.  He said that having a young family helps keep “our crazy real estate world” in perspective.  My wife and I just spent ten days in Maine camping, boating, hiking, eating lobster, and generally enjoying ourselves.  Of course, the time flew by but we have memories to last a lifetime. 

Please do me a favor.  Spend time with your loved ones.  A friend.  A family member.  A child.  It doesn’t matter.  Take time to appreciate them.  We all hear this advice.  Hopefully we all heed it. 



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