Weekly News & Capital Markets Perspective

This week’s perspective is provided by Tom Powers:

What I Read vs. What I Observe

Some of the highlighted articles this week take a critical look at Corporate Spending, Home mortgage interest deductions, yet another looming housing bubble, Commercial mortgage frothiness and GDP growth.  The views shared are definitely worth thinking about and how they may affect our economy, and thus our livelihoods going forward.  However, as realistic and understandable as the concerns outlined may be, I continue to see another side of the coin in my daily activities.

Thankfully, we are seeing a considerable increase in our activity as all that capital we have been talking about is starting to actually be put to good use.  Our investment sales activity is not quite back to 2007 levels, but we are getting close.  Our colleagues from around the country are witnessing the same resurgence.  So I am a bit confused, but also optimistic, since what we are actually observing is quite different than what we are reading about.  I find it is a good habit to check with the contingent that ‘have their feet on the ground’ vs. just assuming what you read is the way it is. 

There may be a lot of scary things looming on the horizon, but from my viewpoint, there is an equal or greater amount of positive things going on and people seem a lot more focused on the  positive than the negative.  A lot of what I read is negative but fortunately I have another interesting perspective from which to observe what’s going on.  I like the side of the coin that has a face of a president on it, not the one with the  tail.  Keep positive, our livelihood may depend on it.


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